We are following the guidelines from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa External link opens in new tab or windowIn This Together (v3.2).  We are currently in the "Yellow" stage.

Max capacity at St. Thomas' is 35 people (pre-registration is not required).  Please seat yourself at opposite ends of the pews (one row at the windows, the next row at the aisle) - where the books are located.  Please place your offering in the plate at the back of the church.  Masks and distancing are required at all times. 

We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated!

As of March 2022, the Diocese has given us the following guidelines:

  • The congregation is limited to 30 per cent of capacity;
  • Anyone with COVID symptoms should assume they have it and stay home;
  • Masks must be worn throughout the service, except when reading or taking communion; we encourage the use of three-layer, medical, or N95 masks;
  • Physical distancing (except for members of the same household) must be maintained at all times, whether a parish checks vaccination status or not;
  • Contact tracing is not required;
  • Singing is allowed!
  • Socializing is allowed! (with masks and distancing, no food or drinks yet)

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