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Pentecost 2019 newsletter

Pentecost 2019

A Fun Find; A Special Thanks; Parish Picnic

Lent 2019 Newsletter

Lent 2019

Sarah Madore; Bethany Braun; Basic Christianity; Parish Cookbook; A Lenten Story; Be Not Afraid; Holy Week Events

Advent 2018 Newsletter

Advent 2018

Barb Stopa; Marcella Tomasi; A Sermon for Advent; Report for Synod; Honouring Amy Newell


Council Minutes

CC Minutes St Thomas May 14 2019.pdf 3.6MB
PCC Minutes 2019 Jan 22 829.7KB


Other Files

Vestry Package 2019 2.5MB



Lent 2019 Newsletter 1.1MB
Dec 2018 newsletter 1.9MB
Pentecost 2019 1.7MB